Johannes Bauer – trombone
Luc Houtkamp – saxophones
Dieter Manderscheid – bass
Martin Blume – drums

Listen to the sounds! They never stand still: They dance with joy de vivre, affirming life, with all its complexities and inconsistencies. The stellar beauty of the music lies in the order of the canvas, with richly, and even densely painted lines intersecting, sparring, bouncing off one another. Listen to it again and again. Each time new wonders emerge, new perspectives peer through the cracks, new delights peek around uncharted corners. This is Music of the Moment, yes. But it is more than that. Through the assemblage of disparate elements is a unity that transcends its time, that builds a tower of consequences, a field of dreams, a monument to wonder. The Quartet succeeds in its act of being, its existential affirmation of the here and now. Crack its code, and discover its magic. It is not easy music to which to become accustomed: Don’t give in to impulse; just patiently persevere. Like anything worthwhile, the rewards are there.
Steven A Loewy ( Cadence, Coda, and The All-Music Guide to Jazz)

The Quartet works together since 1997 and toured extensivley in Germany, Holland, Austria and France and performed at important Festivals like Musique Action  Vandoevre-Les-Nancy, Vancouver International Jazzfestival , Jazz a Mulhouse , Zomer Jazz Fietstour Groningen , Taktlos Basel/Zürich , Jazz & Other Bolzano , Jazzherbst Dachau, November Music, Nickeldorfer Konfrontationen

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