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My releases  at Bandcamp

For all my Bandcamp releases, go to:

A selection:

New solo album at Bandcamp. Recorded live In New York City in April 1996.

Going Back Looking Forward (1998-2011), historic release with John Russell

The Kantilena Procession (2018)

Continuum, with an extra bonus track: a 54 minute long alternative version of Box of Brix.

My Quattro Concerto, for recorders, organ, dj and live electronics, from 2013

Recorded between 1988-1990 and released in 500 copies only, The Songlines has become a much sought after collectors item in improvised music.

At last, here is the reissue.
A bonus track is added, from a Chicago solo concert, recorded in 1995

My trio with Steve Beresford (piano) and Martin Blume (drums), live in Prague 2017.

A wonderful duo with Giorgio Occhipinti, recorded in Sicily in May 2017.
As an introduction price, you can use the code tenshortstories which will give you a 15 % discount.

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