Bandcamp and other digital releases

My releases  at Bandcamp

Going Back Looking Forward (1998-2011), historic release with John Russell

The Kantilena Procession (2018)

Continuum, with an extra bonus track: a 54 minute long alternative version of Box of Brix.

My Quattro Concerto, for recorders, organ, dj and live electronics, from 2013

Recorded between 1988-1990 and released in 500 copies only, The Songlines has become a much sought after collectors item in improvised music.

At last, here is the reissue.
A bonus track is added, from a Chicago solo concert, recorded in 1995

My trio with Steve Beresford (piano) and Martin Blume (drums), live in Prague 2017.

A wonderful duo with Giorgio Occhipinti, recorded in Sicily in May 2017.
As an introduction price, you can use the code tenshortstories which will give you a 15 % discount.

MP3 releases

For the MP3 recordings on this website I follow a pay what you want policy.
If you download a recording, you can press the donate button, and you pay whatever you think the recording is worth. You can pay through PayPal, which also accepts all mayor credit cards and maestro cards. If you are very poor, you can still download the recordings for free.

As Amanda Palmer, who inspired me doing this, says:

“If you’re broke – take it. if you love it, come back and kick in later when you have the money.”

Have fun with the recordings, and let me know (below) what you think!


Suggested amount per album: € 5,–

Donate Button with Credit Cards


hoesje Miami 2

Solo & trio with Philip Gelb & Davey Williams

Luc Houtkamp – tenor saxophone
Philip Gelb – shakuhachi & electronics,
Davey Williams – electric guitar

Recorded in Miami, Florida, 1996

Download here

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