10 December 2020

Like almost all of my colleagues, my performances in 2020 were mostly virtual. It resulted in two different videos. Roof, with dancer Rochelle Gatt, for the Malta International Art Festival.
And the video underneath, for the Circuits Festival (Electronic Music Malta).
A homage to Lennie Tristano, written for barrel organ.

25 June 2020


My contribution to the Malta International Arts Festival 2020.
A duo with dancer Rochelle Gatt, filmed at the roof terrace of my house in Senglea, Malta.

5 June 2020

New solo album today at Bandcamp. Recorded live In New York City in April 1996

2 May 2020

New Bandcamp release today!

Going Back Looking Forward (1998-2011), historic release with John Russell

19 March 2020

A new bandcamp release, today! The Kantilena Procession

Digital release of my album Continuum, with as an extra bonus track a 54 minute long alternative version of Box of Brix.

21 February 2018

Trio Houtkamp/Beresford/Blume at Alternativa Festival in Prague, CZ,
8 November 2017

29 January 2018

After two recent albums, this is my first reissue on BandCamp. Released in 1991, 500 copies only, The Songlines has become a much sought after collectors item.
As an extra bonus, a 34 minute track, live at the Lunar Cabaret in Chicago from 1995 is added to the original cd. It’s downloadable in FLAC and high quality mp3 for only 7 euro!

1 January 2018

Two new releases on Bandcamp!

1 June 2017

On the 19th of May 2017, Giorgio Occhipinti and me recorded a new duo album in Sicily. To be released soon!
You can book us now. Phone: +31.610871155 e-mail:

11 February 2017

New trio with Steve Beresford and Martin Blume

Luc Houtkamp – saxophones, clarinet
Steve Beresford – piano, toys, etc
Martin Blume – drums, percussion


More info: Houtkamp-Beresford-Blume

2 November 2016

German guitar player Hannes Buder and I started a new duo.
We released a cd, on POW Records. now available at Bandcamp:

You can book us now. Phone: +31.610871155 e-mail:

12 April 2016

The POW Ensemble has a new line up for the concerts this year:
Stephanie Pan – vocals, keyboards
Guy Harries – vocals, keyboards, flute, clarinet
Alberto Pérez Jurado – tuba
Peter Kuit – tap dance
Luc Houtkamp – tenor saxophone, clarinet, computer, compositions

19 February 2016

My Australian tour 2016 was very nice! I played 7 concerts in total, in Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, and did a workshop/master class in Perth.
Here is a video of my solo concert in Perth.

Thanks to the Arts Council Malta for the financial support!

30 December 2015

The premiere yesterday, of my 45 minutes piece for the David Kweksilber Big Band was a great success! Studies in Description was performed at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam.
Thanks to all the musicians in the band!


15 October 2015

Great news! The Cultural Export Fund of the Arts Council Malta has awarded me a travel grant for my tour to Australia. It’s a sign of recognition as a composer/musician here in Malta.

CEF & ACM logo

25 August 2015

On the 10th of September, the new POW Ensemble show STEIN will be premiered at Studio LOOS in Den Haag. 

Here is a video, made during one of the rehearsals.
Stephanie Pan – vocals & keyboards
Luc Houtkamp – saxophones and electronics
Axel Schappert – tuba
Peter Kuit – tap dance

We made a special website for STEIN:
More information on Facebook:

21 March 2015

My solo, played at the Tainan University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan, on 12 March.
Shih-Yang Lee asked me to tell the audience about my music. Because I hate to explain my improvising, and I didn’t wanted to bother the Taiwanese audience with complex sentences in English, I decided to use only a few words in my intro.

Quite a bluesy middle section!

26 February 2015

Flying to Taiwan next week for concerts in different combinations, from solo to ensembles with Chao-Ming Tung (guzheng) Mark Van Tongeren (voice), Shih-Yang Lee (piano) Fang-Yi Liu (musical saw & voice). For more information, see the agenda. 


28 October 2014

I have moved to the Maltese Islands today. In the next years I like to build up strong relationships with the local music scene. I will still hop back and forth to the Netherlands, but Malta will be my new home base, both as a composer and as a improviser/jazz musician. I love new challenges in life!