YouTubes and other clips

A lot of clips of me and the POW Ensemble can be seen on YouTube. I have my own channel there, and there are also many others that can be seen. Here is my YouTube page

To make life easy, here is my own selection of clips


A piece for dancer and live electronics, commissioned by the Malta International Arts Festival 2020.
With dancer Rochelle Gatt.

Jenka, from Dance Suite in old style, composed by Luc Houtkamp and performed by Erik Bosgraaf, bass recorder
Recorded April 2019, Senglea, Malta

Trio Houtkamp/Beresford/Blume at Alternativa Festival in Prague, CZ,
8 November 2017

The duo Luc Houtkamp – Hannes Buder, Malta
Luc Houtkamp sax, clarinet, Hannes Buder, guitar


Nabatov-Blume-Houtkamp, Cologne, 21 March 2014
Luc Houtkamp, Simon Nabatov, Martin Blume


Mildred’s Umbrella & Eating #1, from Studies in Description
played by de David Kweksilber Big Band & Laura Bohn, soprano
Premiere performance, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, 29 December 2015


A 4 1/2 minute teaser of my Quattro Concerto,
Orgelpark, Amsterdam, 12 April 2013
Erik Bosgraaf – recorders
Ere Lievonen – organ
DJ DNA – turntables & computer
Luc Houtkamp – computer, controllers, composition


The Snippits Code (2012), for harpsichord and two computers
The POW Ensemble:
Goska Isphording – harpsichord
Luc Houtkamp & Chad Langford – computers
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 28 October 2012
Score available at the free score page


Part 1 of my piece BoX of BriX, played by the POW Ensemble
at the church in Adorp, The Netherlands, 27 August 2011,
Maurice Horsthuis – viola, computer    Jacqueline Hamelink – cello, vocals
Goska Isphording – spinet, synthesizer   Guy Harries – flute, computer, vocals
Luc Houtkamp – computer, straight alto sax, ukulele