CD releases

My old record label X-OR records has been shut down in 2014. The titels that are still available are now sold at the POW Ensemble website. New CD’s, DVD’s and other media will be sold through the POW Ensemble as well.

For a complete listing of my recorded work, see the discography here

CD’s and DVD’s

POW Ensemble

2013 Roastbeef, POW Ensemble POW DVD 002 (DVD single)

2013 Quattro Concerto, played by the POW Ensemble POW DVD 001

2010 Continuum, Luc Houtkamp compositions played by the POW Ensemble X-OR CD020.

2008 Homage to hazard live, Amsterdam 2008, X-OR The Field Recordings 14, FR 14.

2006 Birdsong from inside the egg X-OR CD019.

2003 The thirteen bar blues, X-OR CD017. (under the name of Houtkamp’s pow3)


Luc Houtkamp

2001 Exercise in swing, X-OR CD 011.

1997 Luc Houtkamp in Chicago, Entropy Stereo 00

1997 Live in Canada ’97, The Field Recordings 6, X-OR FR 6

1998 The duo recordings, The Field Recordings 7, X-OR FR 7

1994 Live in Geneve & Luzern, The Field Recordings 1, X-OR FR 1

1994 Metslawier, X-OR CD 05

1993 The Rule of Thumb, X-OR CD 03

1992 The Songlines X-OR CD 01


Other ensembles

2016 The Malta sessions, POW 003. Duo Luc Houtkamp/Hannes Buder

2014 Encounters, Leo Records LR 716. Houtkamp/Nabatov/Blume

2003 #40 Vienna & #41 Bernbeuren, 2003, The Field Recordings 13, X-OR FR 13. FOURinONE

2003 Burnt sienna, Nuscope Recordings 1015. 2nd Outlet

2003 Beyond the edge, EWM 51712. O.BA.O/Luc Houtkamp

2000 Stelen, Random Acoustics RA026. FOURinONE

2000 Live at Free Music XXVII Antwerp, 2000, The Field Recordings 11, X-OR FR 11. f.i. quartet

1992 Binaurality, FMP CD49 King Übu Orchestrü

1972 STEAM-Group + Sven-Åke Johansson at the Roundhouse, London 1972 SÅJ-CD 15 (released in 2008)