Duo Luc Houtkamp – Hannes Buder

Luc Houtkamp – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Hannes Buder – electric guitar

Guitarist Hannes Buder and saxophonist Luc Houtkamp each have a very personal musical approach. Together they create music that ranges from ecstatic ferocity to delicate beauty.


Hannes Buder’s guitar work is an exciting, evocative journey through undreamed of musical worlds. Influenced by contemporary and classical music, rock and avantgarde jazz, Buder experiments with the varied sound potential of the guitar. His style is unmistakable and his compositions dazzle with sentiment and authenticity.

Luc Houtkamp is a composer and musician who bridges the gap between the worlds of improvisation and composition. As a virtuoso saxophonist he has worked extensively in improvised music, collaborating with numerous musicians and groups all over the world. Using computers and live electronics, his music is highly personal in both sound and concept and always surprising.

The cd we released, here on Bandcamp:

Available for bookings: please contact: houtkampmanagement@xs4all.nl